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Please ensure you know your lines, the scene you are in and the words to the songs.  Everybody needs to learn the words to the songs so make sure you take your script home to practise.

Costumes:If you are able to bring in your own costume, we have included notes below about what your character could wear. This is flexible so please speak to your teacher if you have any worries. If you cannot bring a costume, speak to your class teacher. As our play is set in Shakespearian England, if you have tops with logos/writing on you may need to wear these inside out.

Sorcerers (plus Beths, Babs, Beryl)- All in black (Black cloak or shawl if possible)

Street/Builder- Plastic hard hat (if possible) jeans and white t-shirt

Minstrels- Bright coloured t-shirt- dark trousers

Will –shorts (all one colour- school shorts are fine!) or dark trousers and white top/shirt

Anne- Long skirt and top – Blue, white, green or grey – Plain no logos or patterns

Queen- Dress Juliet- Long dress- (red or blue if possible)

Romeo- Dark trousers and white shirt (waistcoat if possible)

Apple seller and Beer seller- Boy/girl costume as above plus -Apron

Man 1,2,3 etc. costume for boys plus  with a dress or scarf to wrap round yourself or wear over your clothes.

Women 1,2,3 etc. Boy outfit- Remember you are women disguised as men!

Nic, Burbage, Mac, Banquo Smart shirt and trousers or dark leggings

All other parts:

Boys- Dark trousers (brown/black) not jeans if possible, loose plain tops – white, cream, brown, beige– Waistcoat (if possible)

Girls- Long skirt, tucked in t-shirt or dress- light colours