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10 Words!

The Phoenix Code- Ten Words

Despair/ despairingly

Rubble! she thought despairingly, That’s all we’ve found. 33


Gesture, gestured, gesturing

Quirke gestured towards the water van. “I’m afraid I may have used a tiny bit of subterfuge.” 38


Perplexed, perplexing,

Cleo was perplexed. “Who’s Yusuf?” 54



From the ticket kiosk they walked across a vast square fringed by tall swaying date palms, along a processional way flanked by ram-headed sphinxes and through a gateway between a pair of limestone pylons so stupendously enormous it was like walking into a fantasy film, set on a far-flung planet populated by giants. 154


Decipher/ deciphered

…they’d found the ankh key and deciphered the Phoenix code Rahotep had used to write the Scorpion Papyrus. 217



Ryan saw his mum at the back of the group, her voice recorder, notebook and pen poised to record the momentous events. 242



Cleo stared out of the window across the arid plain, imagining the magnificent city of Amarna as it must once have been – opulent palaces, spectacular temples, lush gardens, wide avenues and courtyards, bustling workers’ quarters – sparkling under the rays of the all-powerful sun-disc, the Great Aten. 265



It would be unbearable to find the BenBen Stone, only for it to be stolen from under their noses by a retired rock star and his bizarre secret society.


Embellish, embellished

Every wall was richly embellished with painted scenes of Akhenaten and Nefertiti offering lotus flowers to the Aten. 281



complete with illustrations from Ryan’s sketchbook, Cleo’s translations and a model of the ankh with the two lines of verse that had proved to be the key to deciphering the Phoenix Code.