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10 Words!


Scarcely (Adverb) (25 occurrences)

-Only just; almost not.

‘her voice is so low I can scarcely hear what she is saying’

-Only a very short time before.

‘she had scarcely dismounted before the door swung open’

-Used to suggest that something is unlikely to be or certainly not the case.

‘they could scarcely all be wrong


Exultation (noun)

-a feeling of triumphant elation or jubilation; rejoicing.

"she laughs in exultation"


Contrary  (Adjective) (19)

-opposite in nature, direction, or meaning.

"he ignored contrary advice and agreed on the deal"

- (of two or more statements, beliefs, etc.) opposed to one another.

"his mother had given him contrary messages"

-perversely inclined to disagree or to do the opposite of what is expected or desired.

"she is sulky and contrary where her work is concerned"


Bewilderment (noun)

-A feeling of being perplexed and confused.

 ‘the three of them looked at him in bewilderment’


Appalling (adjective)

-Causing shock or dismay; horrific.

‘the wartime conditions were appalling for many soldiers’

-Very bad; awful.

‘his conduct was appalling’


Scent (9) (noun)

-a distinctive smell, especially one that is pleasant.

"the scent of freshly cut hay"

-pleasant-smelling liquid worn on the skin; perfume.

"she sprayed scent over her body"



Shabby (Adjective)

-In poor condition through long use or lack of care.

‘a man in a shabby uniform saluted the car’

- Dressed in old or worn clothes.

‘a shabby fellow in slippers and an undershirt’


Alter (verb)

-Change in character or composition, typically in a comparatively small but significant way.

with object ‘Eliot was persuaded to alter the passage’

no object ‘our outward appearance alters as we get older’


Seldom (Adverb)

-almost never:

Now that we have a baby, we seldom get the chance to go to the cinema.


Weary (Adj/verb) Weariness (noun)

Weary adj- feeling or showing extreme tiredness, especially as a result of excessive exertion.

"he gave a long, weary sigh"

Weary –verb cause to become tired.

"she was wearied by her persistent cough"

Weariness- extreme tiredness; fatigue.

"he began to feel weariness"