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Please complete on lined paper. 


L.O. To know about the surrealist art movement (AD3).

Wish 1 – I can understand when and how the surrealist movement began.

Wish 2 – To recall surrealist artists.

Wish 3 – I can identify elements of surrealism and evaluate them.


Task 1: Research and make notes on the Surrealist Art Movement. You could split your paragraphs into:

  • Introduction – what is surrealism?
  • Name some Surrealist artists and describe their art
  • Evaluate your favourite piece of Surrealist artwork (What can you see in the background and foreground?/are there lines or patterns?/how did the picture make you feel?)
  • How was the artwork created? - techniques used, mediums used, colours used, etc. 


Task 2: Create a non-chronological report using the information you have gathered. 

You could include pictures/drawings/your own interpretations of famous Surrealist pieces as well as the information above.