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Please complete on lined paper. 


Wednesday 21st October 2020


L.O. To evaluate still life artwork (AD3).


WISH 1: I can summarise each painting.

WISH 2: I can identify important details in famous pieces of artwork.

WISH 3: I can demonstrate a good understanding of famous pieces of artwork with strong analysis.


Look at the pictures in the PDF below and summarise each painting in a few sentences.  Stick the picture on a sheet of paper and answer next to it if possible. Then answer the following questions.



1.             What’s going on in this artwork?

2.             What was your first reaction to this artwork? Why do you think you had that reaction?

3.             Does your opinion about the artwork change the longer you look at it? Why?

4.             Describe the colours in the artwork.

6.             Which area of the artwork is emphasized by the artist? Why?

7.             Which area of the artwork is most important? Why?

8              How would you describe this artwork to someone who has never seen it?

10.          Do any elements of this painting seem real?

11.          What adjectives would you use to describe this artwork?