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Black History Month Optional Homework

Black History Month 2020


I am sure you will agree that celebrating the achievements of Black individuals is still as important as ever. Although COVID means we can no longer ask children to bring in their creative projects for our walls, we can still honour incredible achievements from the Black community and encourage children to be creative at home. Children can email in or send pictures of their brilliant creations.


Housepoints will be given to children who complete a project. Pick one of the optional projects below. 


Optional Project 1

The Windrush generation refers to people who, between 1948 to 1971, were invited by successive governments to relocate to Britain from their homes in Commonwealth countries in the Caribbean to address labour shortages.


A project to remember the first arrivals from the Commonwealth to the UK – along with the Windrush Generation - has been launched in Sandwell in August 2020.

Paulette Wilson was among those from the Windrush Generation who settled down in the Black Country, in Heath Town, Wolverhampton.


She made her home in the city having arrived in Telford from Jamaica as a 10-year-old girl in 1968 – and was later threatened with deportation by the Government. The campaigner died last month – with hundreds of people donating more than £17,000 raised to pay for her funeral through an online fundraiser. The West Midlands and the rest of the UK would not be the diverse and culturally rich place it is today without the Windrush generations and every new Commonwealth arrival since then.


Create a poster of information on The Windrush Generation.  You could include paintings, drawings, information boxes, 3D elements, diagrams, paragraphs of writing. Make your poster informative but colourful and interesting also.

Optional Project 2


Create an information poster on a member of the Black community. These should be:

  • Colourful and artistic  (Paintings, Drawings, Borders, etc)
  • Informative and factually correct (writing, information boxes, etc)
  • Celebrate inspirational achievements (sport, music, political, etc)


Some people you could choose: Idris Elba, Oprah, Barack Obama, Maya Angelou, Malorie Blackman, Mary Prince, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Usain Bolt, Mo Farah, Imani Lansiquot, Linford Christie, Olaudah Equiano, Mary Seacole, Stevie Wonder, Naomi Campbell, Aretha Franklin.