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Important - Writing task 

When you have completed your writing task and edited it thoroughly, please ask your parents to email it to the school office and write in the email your name, year group, class and teacher’s name. Your parents can scan your writing in or take a photograph (make sure it is clear so that we can read your writing). The deadline to


email your work in is Tuesday 30th June.


Your teacher will then send you some feedback. When you receive your feedback, use a green pen to write it underneath your piece of writing in your book. We look forward to reading your balanced arguments!


Friday 26th June 2020


LO: To use adverbs of possibility in a balanced argument.


English book, blue pen, pencil, ruler and green pen.



Subordinating conjunctions – introduce a subordinating clause (e.g. because, when, although, since, despite)

Adverbs of possibility – adverbials of possibility which describe the likelihood of something happening

Modal verbs – indicate the likelihood of something happening (e.g. can, might, will, could)

Two sides of the argument – present both sides without bias


Click ‘Start Lesson’ and complete the quiz. Record your score in your English book.

Then click ‘Next Activity’.


When the video starts, you will be asked to complete the spelling test. Complete this in your English book under your Date and LO. Please mark your spelling test in green pen and record it in your English book.



Planning –

Listen to the teacher explain how he has planned his balanced argument. In your English book, make notes for each paragraph of your balanced argument (introduction, arguments for, arguments against and conclusion). Remember to refer back to any words you have magpied or any words on the slides).


You are now ready to write. Remember our presentation rules and write in your best, joined handwriting – remember that you are sending this piece to your teacher so make it extra neat! One side of A4 is sufficient for this task. Underneath your title, draft your introduction (remember to use your plan). When you have written your introduction, go back to the slide with the success criteria and edit your writing in green pen. Then continue writing the balanced argument.


Once you have completed your balanced argument, look back at the success criteria and edit your writing in green pen. It is a good idea to do this sometime after writing so that you have had a break. When editing, revise capital letters, full stops, commas and spelling. Then identify words/phrases/sentences that you can edit. Do you need to remove some/add some/substitute words for better ones? Did you meet all of the success criteria?


After editing, if you would like to, you could publish your final piece on a new page in your book. 


There is no quiz to complete today but remember to email your writing for your teacher.