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Friday -


Spelling – Once you have completed the spelling test send your score t your teacher via I am Learning. Remember to retry spellings you got wrong with an adult or sibling at home. Send your result to your class teacher.


Yesterday you planned and drafted your newspaper report on Buckbeak attacking Malfoy. Please spend 15 minutes editing and up-levelling your draft focusing on spelling, vocabulary choice and punctuation.

One you have edited your draft please write up into best using columns (fold the page in half). You can make the headline larger and leave a space for a picture and caption.

Once you have completed your newspaper report, click ‘Next Activity’. You should see ‘Start Quiz’ complete the quiz. Record your score in your Homework book then send your English and Maths score to your class teacher when you send your ‘Good Morning’ message on I Am Learning on Monday.


Finally, please complete the I am Learning task ‘Journalistic writing’.