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Thursday 9th July 2020


LO: To use and punctuate direct and indirect speech.


English book, blue pen, pencil, ruler and green pen.


Indirect speech – expressing the content of statements, questions or other utterances without quoting them explicitly as is done in direct speech.


Direct speech- the reporting of speech by repeating the actual words of a speaker. Inverted commas are used to show the spoken words.



Click ‘Start Lesson’ then complete the quiz. Record your score in your English book.


Click ‘Next Activity’. Read these instructions then watch the video. Complete all work in your English book under your Date and LO.  


Word of the day – Pause the video once the word of the day is introduced. Write the word and meaning into your book then use the word in two different sentences.


Pause the video when the general rules for speech have been introduced. Write these in your book and refer back to them when completing your task.


When the teacher tells you to, pause the video and complete the task in your book. Resume the video and mark you work when he discusses the answers.


INDEPENDENT TASK - Listen to the explanation then pause the video and close the video. Click ‘Next Activity’. Slides 2-3 recap direct and indirect speech. Slides 4-7 show the tasks that you must complete in your English book. Refer back to the rules for writing speech and remember to check you spelling and punctuation when you have finished. Then, resume the video and mark your work in green pen.


Spellings- This is additional spelling work to your normal spelling test which will be on Thursday. Please make sure you practise the spellings that you have learnt this week on Oak National Academy as you will be tested in tomorrow’s lesson.


Again, click ‘Next Activity’ and complete the ‘Final quiz’. Record your score in your English book.


Extension task (you must complete this before tomorrow’s lesson): Follow the link below and complete in your English book. When you have finished, click ‘mark scheme’ at the top of the page and mark your work neatly in green pen. Remember to correct any errors.


Tomorrow, you will be planning and writing your newspaper report. Follow the link to recap the key features.


It is now a good idea to start thinking about what your newspaper report will be about. Here are some ideas - football, pollution, litter that has been left behind in parks/beaches, zoos reopening, sport, endangered animals and there are many more. You could make something up if you would like to. Decide what your report will be about and do some research. Find key information, facts, statistics – you might also be able to find a quote that you could include. Keep this information ready for tomorrow.