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Wednesday 8th July 2020


L.O. To identify the key features of a poem.


Homework book, blue pen and green pen.


Complete the ‘Start Quiz’ and record your score in your Homework book.  

Then, scroll up to the top of the page and click ‘Next Activity’.


Before starting, Mr Fozzard will explain his reading challenge for you – this is optional. Always ask a parent/carer for their permission to take part in challenges that involve social media.


Word of the day (archaic) – Pause the video once the word of the day is introduced. Write the word and meaning into your book then use the word in two different sentences and find synonyms and antonyms.


Spellings- Note down the spellings, (also available on the school website) and learn them using Look, Cover, Write and Check. Choose one or more of the methods suggested in the video to practise your spellings.


Mr Fozzard will discuss the purpose of poetry and share a poem. Pause the video when needed to answer Mr Fozzard’s questions.



Slides 2-5 show tasks 1-3 that you need to complete in your English book. For task 1, write the number in your book and the structural feature that it represents. For task 2, write the word and the word that rhymes with it.


Complete the final quiz and record your score (out of 5).