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Wednesday 15th July 2020


L.O. To identify the key features of a story.


English book, blue pen, pencil, ruler and green pen.


WAGOLL - what a good one looks like.

First person – the grammatical person used by the speaker in statements referring to himself or herself or to a group including himself or herself.

Setting description – a description of the environment or surrounding in which the story takes place.

Figurative language – language that is intended to create an image or effect in the mind of the reader e.g. simile, metaphor, personification.

Prepositions – a word that is used before a noun, a noun phrase or a pronoun connecting it to another word.


First, complete the quiz and record your score in your English book. Then click ‘Next Activity’.


Read these instructions and watch the video. The teacher will explain when to pause. Complete all work in your English book under your Date and LO.


Word of the day – Pause the video once the word of the day is introduced. Write the word and meaning into your book then use the word in two different sentences.


When the teacher reads the myth, magpie any good vocabulary that you would like to use in your own myth later this week.


INDEPENDENT TASK - Listen to the explanation and then pause and close the video. Click ‘Next Activity’.

Go to slides 2-6 which show the task that you need to complete.

In your book, write the key features that you have identified in the text (figurative language / setting description / prepositions / 1st person).


Set it out in your book like the example below -

crumbling ancient bridge – setting description


Then, resume the video and mark your work in green pen. Correct any errors in green pen.


Spellings- Continue to practise this week’s spellings using look, cover, write, check. Then use the words in sentences of your own.  


Click ‘Next Activity’ and complete the ‘Final Quiz’. Record your score in your English book.