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L.O. To write a persuasive speech  (W34).

WISH 1: I can include persuasive techniques such as rhetorical questions and repetition.

WISH 2: I can use short sentences for impact.

WISH 3: I can select appropriate emotive language


Task 1:Draft (15 mins)

Reread your writing from yesterday. Spend an additional 15 minutes drafting. Go back to yesterday’s lesson on the school website if you need any help or resources.


Task 2: Edit (20 mins)

Edit your work following the checklist below. If you do not have a green pen, cross out with pencil and ruler and make changes with blue pen. If needed, you can rewrite sections of your speech under today’s date and LO.  

  1. Capital letters- Have you used these for proper nouns and start of sentences?
  2. Punctuation- Every sentence must end with a piece of punctuation 
  3. Spelling- Check any language you have used that is unfamiliar or words that do not look right. Use an online dictionary if you do not have access to one at home.
  4. Sense- Read your work aloud. Does it make sense? Have you missed out any words that need to be added? Does the vocabulary you have used make sense?
  5. Language- Evaluate your use of language. Could you improve any aspects?

Then, underline an example of repetition and an example of a rhetorical question in your speech.


Task 3: Publish/Perform

If you would like to write out your speech again OR type it up and print it at home, you can do so now.

Your main task is to practise reading your speech aloud so that you can perform your writing when you return to speech next year.