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English/History (1 hour) 

Please complete this in your English books in blue pen.


L.O. To retrieve information from a non-fiction text.

WISH 1: I can identify key information in a question and text.

WISH 2: I can quote from a text.

WISH 3: I can explain different terms in detail using a non-fiction text.


In English, we have been reading and starting to study Private Peaceful. Two of the characters in the book (Charlie and Tommo) sign up to become soldiers and are sent to France to fight in WWI (World War One). 


Previously you have looked at how soldiers were recruited in WW1. Today you will look at what life was like for soldiers in the trenches.


Please read the information on the website below:


Look up any words you do not know the meaning of. 

Once you have read the website, answer the questions below in full sentences. Don't forget to use capital letters for proper nouns. 

These questions are all retrieval questions. The answers are somewhere in the text so you should not guess the answers! Please refer to the text before answering. 


Q1) What is a trench? Describe what they were like.

Q2) What items could a haversack hold?

Q3) Why was a periscope a useful instrument for soldiers to use in the trenches in WW1?

Q4) Explain what is meant by the term ‘Trench Foot’?

Q5) When did soldiers sleep and for how long?

Q6) List 3 items a relative from home might send a soldier in the trenches.

Q7) What might a soldier do in his free time?

Q8) Who was reported to have won The Christmas Truce match and what was the score?


Task 2: Watch the video about life in the trenches once more. Write a paragraph about what life was like in the trenches. Include an explanation of what the ‘Operation Dugouts’, ‘Observation Points’ and ‘Medical Posts’ were all used for.