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Note: When you receive your writing feedback via email from me - please can you write it at the end of your letter in green pen (blue pen if you have not got green). The wish I give you will be used as your next writing target. 


Please complete this in your English book. 


Thursday 22nd October 2020


L.O. To discuss themes (R6).


Wish 1: I can define the term theme.

Wish 2: I can suggest themes.

Wish 3: I can justify my ideas.


FFM: Would you change the ending to Private Peaceful? Why? If yes, how would you change it?


Why is the structure of Private Peaceful unlike many other stories?

The use of changing between the present and past. Each chapter begins with a short extract in the present which then moves back to the past. We see Tommo reflecting on his life and how he has got to this point in the future.


Today we are going to focus on themes in the book.

Themes are not the plot and they are not the genre.

Themes are the underlying messages that exist beneath the words written on the page- we will need to use our inference skills. They are the big ideas that the author is trying to convey to the reader.


Task 1 - ‘Theme Token’s worksheet. Think about all the possible themes in Private Peaceful.

Task 2 - choose 2-3 themes from the sheet. In your books, explain how the theme links to Private Peaceful.


E.g. Growing up- A large amount of the book is Tommo reflecting on his childhood and growing up. We see him struggle with growing up throughout the book. For example, when Charlie and Molly move to the ‘bigguns’ class; when Charlie and Molly fall in love; and when Tommo has to sign up but he is too young.


As we read other stories this year, make sure you are considering themes. We will begin comparing themes between books soon.