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Monday 11th May 2020


LO: To write a character description.

Resources (including
exercise book being used)

English book, blue pen, pencil, ruler and green pen.



Click ‘Start Lesson’ then ‘Start Quiz’. First, complete the quiz. This is to show what you already know so don’t worry if you find some questions tricky. Record your score in your English book.

Then, scroll up to the top of the page then click ‘Next Activity’.


When the video starts, you will be asked to complete the spelling test. Complete this in your English book under your Date and LO, not on a sheet of paper. Please mark your spelling test in green pen and record it in your English book. Please send your score to your class teacher on I Am Learning.


When the teacher shares the WAGOLL, pause the video and magpie in your English book any good vocabulary that you might wish to use today. You will then look at the structure of your writing and create a paragraph plan. When asked to pause the video and write sentences to include in the paragraph, write a sub-heading e.g. paragraph one: introduce the setting and where your character is from then write the sentences you create underneath.


INDEPENDENT TASK- Listen to the explanation and then pause the video and close the video. Scroll up to the top of the page and click ‘Next Activity’. Click through the slides until you see the independent task (should be larger than on the video). Complete the task in your English book. For your character description, a page of A4 quality writing is sufficient for the task. You do not need to write any more than a page. On the slides, there is a success criteria and a list of vocabulary to refer back to.


This lesson gives you the opportunity to write your very own character description so there won’t be one right answer. To self-assess your writing, please read through your work and check it against the success criteria. Write your very own success criteria table (like the one in the video) and write examples for each feature.


There is no quiz to complete but please remember to send your spelling score to your teacher for this week on I Am Learning and you may want to share some of your super sentences from your character description. We are really looking forward to reading some. J