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Friday 19th June 2020


LO: To use modal verbs in my non-chronological report.    


English book, blue pen, pencil, ruler and green pen.


Non-Chronological report: a non-fiction piece of writing which is not written in time order. It gives information about a specific topic.

Modal verbs – verbs that show how likely an action is e.g. could, would, should, may, can, will etc

Relative clause – a clause that adds extra information about the noun. Usually starts with a relative pronoun such as who, which, where, that etc)

Facts and figures – information that makes a description precise and factual.

Expanded noun phrase – a phrase made up of a noun and words that describe that noun.


Click ‘Start Lesson’. There is no start quiz for this lesson.


When the video starts, you will be asked to complete the spelling test. Complete this in your English book under your Date and LO. Please mark your spelling test in green pen and record it in your English book. Please send your score to your class teacher on I Am Learning.


Pause the video and make a list in your English book of the words of the day that we have looked at. Try to use these in your writing today.



Planning – Write down the name of the mythical creature that you will write about.

Listen carefully to the teacher as she explains the structure of your non-chronological report and magpie any vocabulary that you would like to use. Pause the video when the teacher says. In your English book, plan each section of your report as shown in the video. Use words that you have recorded in your book.


Now write the title and your introduction in your English book.


Then resume the video. The teacher will then begin writing the next section. When she says, pause the video and write the first section of your report – the appearance. Resume the video and check the key features that the teacher goes through. Make any changes to your writing now. When the video is complete, continue writing your non-chronological report. Remember to include the key features – refer back to the success criteria. Once you have completed your draft, read through each paragraph and use your green pen to make any improvements.


There is no quiz to complete but please remember to send your spelling score to your teacher on I Am Learning.


You may want to share some of your super sentences from your non-chronological report or your whole piece. Ask you parents to send a copy to the school office email address for your class teacher. We are really looking forward to reading some.  J