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English Session 1 and 2

Please complete in your English book.


Tuesday 20th October 2020


L.O. To use effective language (W34).


Wish 1: I can use Standard English.

Wish 2: I can choose effective language .

Wish 3: I can improve my language choices.


Reminder: Before Wednesday, you must have finished reading Private Peaceful.  

Look back at your Agony Aunt letter. What was your Writing target (Wish I gave you) for that piece of writing?

Write your target under your Learning Objective. You must try to achieve this target for this piece. This is very important. 

Today you will publish (write up) your draft letter in neat, joined handwriting. Use indented paragraphs (don't forget to indent the first paragraph). I will be using this piece of writing to look for my next star writer and remember I can also give pieces of writing a gold star which would mean you could show it to Mrs Healy when you return for some extra house points. I am asking that you please either send a picture or scan it and send it to put FAO Mrs Heminsley in the subject line. I will send you some feedback (2 stars and a wish). I will aim to get your feedback back to you before the end of the week. 


Here is how the two hours of English you have today will break down: 


Session 1 (1 hour) 

Ensure you set up in a quiet, relaxed environment. Maybe play some soft instrumental music.

This session you will write up your letter from Tommo to Mother or Molly in your neatest, joined handwriting with indented paragraphs. Don't forget to sign off with yours sincerely, Tommo. 


Session 2 (1 hour) 

Continue writing your letter if needed.

Once your letter is written – in your best handwriting – edit your writing using the Arms and Cups strategy from yesterday.

Ensure you have achieved your target from your last piece of writing (should be written under your L.O.)

Underline any Top 10 words or Y5/6 words you have used – please use a ruler  to underline.


I look forward to reading your letters.