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English Session 2

Session 2


There is no need to write the long date and LO again. Please just write the short date (19/10/20) in the margin and continue your draft. 


By the end of this session you should have finished your draft letter where you are writing as Tommo to either Molly or Mother. 


Remember you must have finished reading private Peaceful before Wednesday. 


Task for this lesson: 

Read the opening, paragraph 1 and paragraph 2 of your letter to an adult. Ask them if it makes sense, if they like the vocabulary choices and whether your punctuation is correct. 


Now draft the rest of your letter: third paragraph and conclusion – do not forget a sign off e.g. yours sincerely, Tommo.


Edit the whole of your letter. Use the ‘Arms and Cups’ support sheet to help edit your writing.


CHECK: Have you used any top 10 words or words from the Y5/6-word list? Is there a way you can edit these if not?




I have included Session 1 PDF below so you can use it to write your wish and recap if needed.