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Each week learn a set of words- both in French and English. Remember to practise your pronunciation. In lessons we will be playing Bingo! Where you need to know both the English and French.


Set 1

Lundi                                       Monday

Mardi                                      Tuesday

Mercredi                                Wednesday

Jeudi                                       Thursday

Vendredi                                 Friday

Samedi                                   Saturday

Dimanche                                Sunday


Set 2

À l’école                                  At school

l’anglais                                   English

le français                              French

le sport                                   Sport

l’histoire-géo                          history/geography

les sciences                            Science

les maths                                Maths

la musique                               Music


Set 3

Tu aimes                                 you love

Oui, j’aime                               Yes, I like

Non je n’aime pas                   No, I don’t like

 C’est biencool                        It’s a nice thing

C’est nul                                  It’s not nice

C’est cool                                That’s cool


Set 4

Quelle heure est-il?        What time is it?

Il est                            It is

une heure                      One hour

et quart                         and quarter

moins le quart                 minus a quarter

demie                            half

midi                              midday

minuit                            midnight


Set 5

la récré                                   breaktime

Dépêche-toi!                          Hurry up!

Malade                                    sick

le déjeuner                             lunch

pourqoui                                  why

Commence                              starts

Finit                                        end