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Please do not start these activities until Friday 3rd April. 

Remember, your first task is to message your class teacher on I Am Learning before 10 am. 


Well done Year 4! You have all worked so hard over the last two weeks and we are very proud of you.

After today, we will be having our normal two week Easter break- but please don't forget to complete your work for today, it can be found below like normal. 
Over the break, you can still access I Am Learning and My Maths to revise topics and play games but we will not be setting daily tasks using these websites. You can also still access Times Tables Rockstars and e-books via Reading Cloud.
Spellings for the next term have been uploaded onto our ‘Homework’ page (link below) and we have also put on an optional project for you to have a look at over the holidays as normal. 
We would like you to finish reading I was there 1066 during the break. 

Make sure you stay safe and recharge your batteries! We all miss you and look forward to hearing from you after Easter.

Year 4 Staff


Read CH10 of I Was There - Look up any vocabulary you do not know in a dictionary as you read.


Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

 One thing we ask you to do in school is edit and improve your writing. To practise this skill, log onto I Am Learning to complete- Editing and improving adv. 



Complete Sheet 19 and 20 in blue pen.


Maths – Mark CGP Pg 50

Starter- Log onto My Maths to review place value by completing – Working with thousands Y4 (My Maths)

Task: Look at the example below which will remind you how to use a number line to work out a time difference problem.

Then, using your Y4 Maths CGP book complete Pg 51- Time Problems in your Maths exercise book.

Short date: 03-04-20  LO: To solve time problems

For Q1- use a number line. For the other questions, you will need to make sure you know- how many seconds are in a minute, how many minutes are in an hour, how many days are in a week and how many months are in a year.

We will upload the answers for pg 51 after the Easter break. 

Multiplication - Times Tables Rockstars Complete 3 x garage, Soundcheck


Watch the video and make notes on the Easter Story in your beige notebook. Try to come up with 4-6 key events based on the story. Make sure you understand why this is an important celebration for Christians.


Other- Check out the link to First News at the top of this page- click on the icon of the Earth.