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First, remember to send a message (by 10am) on I Am Learning to your teacher to count as your register mark. 


Today you will be trialling 'Oak National Academy'. Your other distance learning tasks (Maths, English etc) can be found under the table below. 

Oak National Academy

An e-mail has been sent to all parents/carers on Thursday 23rd April. Please read this before following the instructions below.


Friday 24th April 2020


L.O. to answer scientific questions


Homework book, blue pen, green pen,


First, complete the quiz. This is to show what you already know so don’t worry if you find some questions tricky. Record your score in your Homework book. You may be marked incorrectly as the computer has specific answers but please look at the example answers and judge your own answer accordingly, e.g. Q1 you may write brown hair and the answer says hair colour. You can give yourself the mark.

Then, scroll up to the top of the page then click ‘Next Activity’.

Watch the video, the teacher will explain to when to pause. Complete all work in your Homework book under your Date and LO not on a sheet of paper. You can reply to the teacher out loud just like a real lesson! When it says ‘Your turn’ write your answer in your book then mark in green pen when the teacher tells you the answer (you can pause the video if you need more time)

Star words – Write down key vocabulary into your Homework book, ensuring you know the meaning (you could use a dictionary if you are unsure).

Independent tasks – After each section you will be given a task to complete by your teacher. Pause the video then write the question into your books along with the answer. Then, resume the video (by scrolling to the top of the page to find the icon) and mark your work in green pen. Once the lesson is complete click ‘close video’.

Then, click ‘Next Activity’ to view ‘Start Quiz’. Complete the quiz and record your score in your Homework book and send it to your class teacher via I Am Learning.


Optional task: If you have the resources at home, you can have a go at replicating the beak investigation done by your teacher – similar to what we have done in school.


English: (1hr 30 minutes) 

Today we are going to be focusing on the excerpt from page 5 – it follows Buck being taken by the gardener and it is implied that the gardener sells Buck to help him cover his gambling debts.


Task 1: (30 minutes) Read the excerpt and  check your understanding of the highlighted words -use a dictionary – don’t just guess!


Task 2: ( 1hour) rewrite this excerpt in first person as Buck – try and include what he thinks is happening and how that makes him feel. Make sure you take the time to edit and improve your writing too.

e.g.  It had felt really strange when the gardener had put the rope around my neck -  Judge Miller never normally bothers – but I trusted he was doing it for a good reason.  I have always trusted that men understand the reasons for doing tasks better than me; I am starting to wonder whether that trust was misplaced.

Geography (2 hours):

PE (30 minutes) : Please pick at least one activity from the PE folder or workout with Joe Wicks. 


Reading (20 minutes): Make sure you have read up to at least page 9 of Call of the Wild.