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Today you will be trialling 'Oak National Academy'. Your other distance learning tasks (Maths, English etc) can be found under the table below. 

Oak National Academy

An e-mail has been sent to all parents/carers on Thursday 23rd April. Please read this before following the instructions below.





LO: To investigate plant growth


A piece of paper, blue pen, green pen, pencil, ruler


READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW BEFORE CLICKING ON THE LINK. While we are getting used to this website, our instructions will be longer to make sure you understand what to do. By the end of next week, you will be experts so our instructions will be much shorter.


Click ‘Start Lesson’ then ‘Start Quiz’. First, complete the quiz. This is to show what you already know so don’t worry if you find some questions tricky.


Then, scroll up to the top of the page then click ‘Next Activity’ at the bottom of the page.

Watch the video. To make the video full screen, click on the four arrows in a square at the right hand side of the video bar. When the teacher asks you to complete the retrieval quiz, she is referring to the quiz you have already done!

The teacher will introduce herself and explain the lesson you will be completing.  You can reply to the teacher out loud just like a real lesson! Make sure you try the actions.

Instructions for this video- You do not need to make any flashcards.

The date will be wrong- do not worry!

At around 5:00, your teacher will ask to think about the answer to a question. You can write the answer on your piece of paper. Pause the video if you need more time. You can then resume the video and mark your answer.

At around 13:00, your teacher will again ask you to answer a question. Again, write your answer on your piece of paper.


Investigation: The teacher will describe an investigation to do with plants. If you would like, you can write up the investigation but you do not have to.

Towards the end of the video, the teacher will show you some learning review questions. Answer these on your piece of paper.  Send your teacher a message on I Am Learning telling them you have completed your Science activity!



Good morning Year 3. As you have read above, you are to give the Oak Academy Curriculum Science activity a go as soon as you have sent your teacher a message through I am Learning. We really hope this will enable us to provide some new learning next week, rather than just consolidating areas of the curriculum that we covered before Easter. As well as this, please try to complete today's activities below:




 Reading – Read p25-end of ‘First News’ (this can be found under this table or in the Distance Learning folder). Discuss stories with an adult.

Look at the ‘Mystery News’ document (this can be found under this table) and discuss answers with an adult.

Grammar - CGP Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling p18-19 – Statements and Questions. Then complete the I am Learning activity about this topic.

Spellings – Please test your child on the Week 1 words.



Mark work from yesterday.


Complete Arithmetic Spring Test 4. Remember to time yourself. You have 30 Minutes to complete the test.



Try to complete 3 Garages and Studios daily. You can do a Soundcheck too but this has been set to do every Friday.



If you have pencil crayons, chalks or paints at home you could try to create a drawing of a volcano erupting, thinking about the colours you could use to show how hot and fiery it may be.

This would go well with your research from earlier on in the week.




Using your pencil we provided, choose your favourite toy or game from around your house and try to do a detailed sketch of it. Use some shading techniques to improve your drawing and make it look more 3D.


I Am Learning –

Questions or Statements?


Finding Fractions (Beginner 1)


Votes for Schools



Reading Cloud –

Continue reading your e-book








Maths answers for yesterday's work


Green and Yellow mathematicians



Red Mathematicians