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Diwali Assembly


CGP adjectives


KS2 English Y3: 10 min weekly workout – Autumn Term Workout 7


KS2 English Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling – Section 11 – Prefixes – ‘un’ ‘dis’ and ‘mis’ (p68-69)

English - CLASS 3 ONLY!


Class 3 have already done the CGP activity but were meant to be beginning their Chocolate Cake story today. If possible, could you use the slides to begin this today, setting it out neatly in books the same way they would at school. Next Monday's lesson is also writing the story so today could just be used to get started on it.


LO: To write a story based on a narrative poem that includes conjunctions (W13 and W22).

WISH 1: I can write a story with a clear beginning, middle and end.

WISH 2: I can add details to make my story interesting.

WISH 3: I can include a range of conjunctions.



See slides. Make sure you click on the audio files as I will read the instructions for you.

English slides for Class 3!



L.O: To decide whether to use multiplication or division (M13)

Wish 1: I can understand a word problem.

Wish 2: I can work out the relevant calculations. 

Wish 3: I can confidently solve word problems.


Go through the Power Point on the website linked below or see the paper version.

Work through each slide, completing any tasks in your books.

If there is a question, you may want to answer it in your head, answer it aloud or tell an adult who may be working with you. The answer(s) will then always be on the next slide.



Textbook page work: page 78.

This will be emailed to you.

There will be an example on the slides on how to set it out in your books.

CGP KS2 Maths Targeted Question Book - Counting in Multiples – (p8)

KS2 Maths Y3: 10 min weekly workout – Autumn Term Workout 7

Art and Design


LO: to adopt the impressionist art technique (AD2).

WISH 1: I know how to create a background wash.

WISH 2: I can practise different techniques.

WISH 3: I can apply techniques to make the water realistic. 

Children in Need


Please complete the activities for Children in Need.