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English - CGP

CGP Activities –


KS2 English Y3: 10 min weekly workout – Autumn Term Workout 9


KS2 English Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling – Section 1 – Word Types – Verbs (p8-9)



L.O: To solve problems involving fractions (M20).

Wish 1: I can read the question.

Wish 2: I can understand what the question is asking me to do.

Wish 3: I can apply my knowledge to answer the question.


Read through the Powerpoint linked below or see the paper version. Work through each slide, completing any tasks in your books.


If there is a question, you may want to answer it in your head, answer it aloud or tell an adult who may be working with you.

The answer(s) will then always be on the next slide.


Task: Answer the questions based on the picture and what we have looked the past few weeks.

Art and Design


In school, we are creating our Christmas decorations. I have attached some sheets that you may want to colour in. Don't worry, you will be able to create your Christmas decoration when you return.