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Friday 24th April

Today you will be trialling 'Oak National Academy'. Your other distance learning tasks (Maths, English etc) can be found under the table below. 


Oak National Academy

An e-mail has been sent to all parents/carers on Thursday 23rd April. Please read this before following the instructions below.




LO: To find out about light


(including  exercise book being used)Beige notebook, blue pen, green pen, pencil, ruler


READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW BEFORE CLICKING ON THE LINK. While we are getting used to this website, our instructions will be longer to make sure you understand what to do. By the end of next week, you will be experts so our instructions will be much shorter.

The teacher will model a light source using a candle and match in the lesson video. You should not be using matches at home without adult supervision and you do not need to use matches for the lesson today!

Click ‘Start Lesson’ then ‘Start Quiz’. First, complete the quiz. This is to show what you already know so don’t worry if you find some questions tricky.


Then, scroll up to the top of the page then click ‘Next Activity’ at the bottom of the page.

Watch the video (normally these videos are only 10-20 mins- this video is slightly longer!) To make the video full screen, click on the four arrows in a square at the right hand side of the video bar.

The teacher will introduce herself and explain the lesson you will be completing.  You can reply to the teacher out loud just like a real lesson!

When you get to around 10:00, the teacher will ask you to try and answer a few questions. Please use your small, beige notebook rather than a piece of paper. You can pause the video if you need extra time. You can then mark your answers with a green pen.

When you get to around 15:00, the teacher will again ask you to answer a few questions. Do this in exactly the same way as before.

When you get to around 18:00, the teacher will again ask you to answer a few questions. Do this in exactly the same way as before.

When you get to around 21:00, the teacher will ask you to complete some sentences. Do this in exactly the same way as before.

Investigation: You can choose to take part in this investigation (once you have checked with an adult!). It is fine to just watch the teacher carry out the investigation.

When the teacher mentions the table you will need to copy, PAUSE the video and copy into your small, beige notebook (the third column says ‘What do you observe’).

Then, resume the video and the teacher will show you the investigation. You can mark your work using the answers at the end of the video.

At the end of the video, click ‘Next Activity’. You should see ‘Start Quiz’ complete the quiz- make sure press ‘Submit’ to see your score. Record your score in your notebook then send your score to your class teacher using I Am Learning.



We hope your audience yesterday enjoyed your performance!

The Naming of Cats is a bit of a strange poem. The poet is aiming to teach the reader more about cat life including the three different names they can be known as: the name they are given by their human family, a particular name, and an unknown name for humans.

Listen to The Gumbie Cat ( a description of a certain cat)  (use this link if the safeshare is not working :

In your beige notebook, write down at least 6 examples of rhyming words in this poem.

Which poem do you prefer, ‘The Gumbie Cat’ or ‘The Naming of Cats’? Why?


Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling

Complete the work on pg 4 (Nouns) of your Grammar CGP book in blue pen in your yellow English book.

Friday 24th April 2020  LO: To identify nouns

For q1, copy the phrase and underline the noun using pencil and ruler.

For q2, split your page into 2 columns and use the words inside the circles as the two titles to sort the phrases.

Then, log onto I Am Learning and complete the work on pronouns and nouns (reread the information on page 8 if you need help)


We practised handwriting for 2 weeks before Easter and now we would like to work on handwriting in a different way. Each day, we will set some joins to practise and a question to answer. When you answer the question, you should aim to write a paragraph using your best handwriting. You may wish to use a separate notebook at home for your journaling as you may wish to look back at your answers in the future! If you do not have a notebook at home, use your beige notebook.


As a warm up sing and dance to practise your 8x tables.

Firstly, write the date and LO in your orange Maths book.

24-4-20       LO To use times tables to solve problems. 

Mark yesterday’s work on p24 in green pen please.

Log on to My Maths and complete the activity set.

Complete p22 CPG book ‘Using Times Tables’ in your orange Maths book using your times table knowledge. 

Multiplication - Times Tables Rockstars


RE- Put the date and LO in your small beige book.

Friday 24th April 2020

LO To understand fairness.

 1. Watch and write down why it is fair at the end of the video.

2. Thinking about things you have seen to help you, write down 3 things that you think are fair and 3 things that are unfair.

3. Now look at these 4 sentences, put them in order of fairness from the least unfair to the most unfair and write a sentence explaining why you have put them in that order.