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Friday 26th June

Good morning Year 4!

Remember to log on to I Am Learning- your teacher can see if you have logged on. 

It is really important that you watch the video below and read the information about your English task today before starting to write. 

Important Information- English Task 


Year 4 Writing Task 26th June.mp4

Still image for this video


  1. Write your setting description using the Oak video for inspiration. Make sure you check you have met the success criteria. Your teacher will also be looking at your handwriting as you should have continued to work on this during distance learning- everyone should be trying to join letters.
  2. Edit your work using green pen. If you make any errors, cross these out with a pencil and ruler. You must check your use of capital letters and punctuation and use a dictionary to check and correct any errors with spelling. You may also want to think about changing some of the vocabulary you use as we want you to create a really vivid image for the reader through your choice of language.
  3. OPTIONAL: Rewrite/Publish your work after editing. Please do not type up your work as your teacher would like to see your handwriting.
  4. Take a clear photograph or scan one A4 page of your written work. If your work is longer than this, we suggest you take a photo of the first page of your writing.
  5. Ask an adult to e-mail your work into by Tuesday 30th June. Include your full name and your class teacher’s name in the e-mail so it can be sent onto the correct teacher.

Your teacher will then send you some feedback. You should write your next step underneath your setting description in green pen. You should then aim to meet this next step in your next piece of writing.

Distance Learning 


Multiplication - Times Tables Rockstars



RE - Fairness This term, we have been learning about what is fair and unfair. We have also been learning about people who spent whole lives caring for others.

Firstly, watch the video.

Now answer these 5 difficult questions using examples of your own, examples from the work we have done so far, or examples from the video where you can.

1. Why is life unfair sometimes? 

2. What can we do to make our school fairer?                

3. How do people feel when they are treated unfairly – and what helps? 

4. Should everyone be more generous? 

5. What five things would make our world fairer?


PE- Choose an activity to complete for 30 minutes

Optional: Complete a daily challenge