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Friday 3rd

Remember to log on to 'I am Learning' daily to check for any tasks. This is also used by your teacher to see if you are ready for work each day.


If you run out of space in any exercise books (orange Maths or yellow English book), please ask an adult to contact the office to arrange to pick up a new one.


REMINDER- We are using Oak National Academy for English and Maths. You will still be set additional work by your class teacher which you can see below.

If you have any issues, before contacting your class teacher, please check the user guides and instructions which are on your distance learning page under 'Oak National Academy resources'.



Mark CGP Comprehension p10-11

Spellings – Please test your child on the Week 5 words.



Complete Arithmetic Summer Test 6 – we will put it online. Remember to time yourself. You have 30 Minutes to complete the test.



Try to complete 3 Garages and Studios daily. You can do a Soundcheck too but this has been set to do every Friday.




You may have seen the series on CBBC called ‘The Dengineers’.


If you click the link above, it takes you to a variety of videos, all different aspects of ‘Dens’.


Now, we know that you cannot create your own ‘Den’ like they do in the CBBC series at home. However, we would like you to become designers for the day.


Your job is to imagine that you are the children on the TV. You want to have a really cool den at home so once everything goes back to normal, you can invite your friends round to play in your den.


You will need to:

-              Mind map your ideas – thinking about different ways/shapes your den could be.

-              Draw your design. (This may not be your final design, as when you are drawing you may find you want something different)

-              Label your design with the cool features you would like to have.

-              List underneath your drawing, what materials and equipment you might need to make it.


Have fun designing your imaginary den 

Answer for CGP

Summer Test 6