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Good morning. :)


Reading – Complete at least 20 minutes of reading.

Complete a book review on the Reading cloud. Check the Online Platform help links in ‘Distance Learning’ if you are unsure how to do this.


Reading comprehension:

-  Mark the test completed yesterday.  Look carefully at the answers provided and annotate your answers.

- Go back and circle the text, annotating with the question numbers to show where the answers were from.  (For the questions you can do this with)

- Complete KS2 SAT Buster 10 minute tests Reading Set C Test 1


Writing – Complete writing your story/ story excerpt.  This should not take more than one hour.  

If you already feel you have finished, start editing and refining.  On Monday you will be editing and copying up into best. 


Maths – Arithmetic Test Skills


Using the answers provided, please mark yesterday’s work using green pen. Identify any areas of concern to ensure you do not make the same mistake again. Remember to let your teacher know if we need to help you somehow.



Arithmetic Test CGP Set A Paper 1: 30 minutes


99 club – Complete within 5 minutes and then mark using a times-table grid



What is human geography? Can you find some examples?

What is physical geography? Can you give some examples?


When we say ‘urban’ we mean the city and town areas.

When we say ‘rural’ we mean the countryside.

Is Walsall an urban or rural area? Why?


What differences do you think there are between a rural and urban area?


TASK 1 – Look at the images of rural and urban areas. Identify key human and physical features.

Describe the differences between each. Consider the following: land-use, houses, buildings (shops, churches etc,), roads, people, jobs.


TASK 2 - How would describe each area? Noisy, quiet, green, grey etc.



What makes a good leader?

Who were the significant World Leaders in WW2?

What did each leader do in WW2 – PPT links or websites

What made Winston Churchill a good leader?

On an outline of Winston Churchill. Fill the inside of the outline with Winston Churchill’s characteristics and beliefs. Use Churchill’s speech, your research and your own ideas to annotate around the outside of the outline things they think the leader would say about the War.


PE – Complete at least one of the activities provided.  (daily 20mins)



Over the weekend – remember to keep active, and keep reading.  Complete any activities that are unfinished for homework.

Optional homework – have a look at the Easter competitions too.

Extra challenge – do something extra special for your family.  Could you make breakfast for them all tomorrow?  Help with the washing? Tidy your room without being asked?!

Have a good weekend. J

Chester Zoo live virtual tour

NB PLEASE SHOW THIS TO YOUR PARENTS! – this link is on facebook so you will need an adult’s consent and log-in to watch.


Chester Zoo is holding a Live virtual day at the zoo at 10:00 until 14:45.

However it is being shown via Facebook and as it is live we are unable to check its suitability fully. It is aimed at school children – but please watch together (adult and child). This is optional – so if you are unable to watch it, don’t worry.


Optional History competition