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Good morning!

We have made it to half-term!  What a very strange end of the term.  

We hope you are all doing well still - and PLEASE remember, we are here if you need anything. 

Later today, there will be an Easter projects folder opening - so keep checking back!

Also - remember to enter our Easter competitions! 


Also - don't forget to check the Votes4Schools page! 


Reading – Complete at least 20 minutes of reading.

Complete a book review on the Reading cloud.


Reading comprehension: (30 minutes marking, 10 minute test) 

Mark the test completed yesterday.  Look carefully at the answers provided and annotate your answers.

- Go back and circle the text to show where the answers were from.


- Complete KS2 SAT Buster 10 minute tests Reading Set C Test 3 

Writing – (40 minutes)


Edit and complete your journal about the lost professor.

Check your spellings and that your sentences are grammatically accurate.


GAPS – (20 minutes) 

Mark Confusing words p.94-8

Geography ( 1 hour) 

Next term we will be looking at Mexico, in South America.

Familiarise yourself with South America.


Task 1 – Map skills – use the map to answer questions.

Task 2 – Use the images and descriptions provided to match up human and physical features in South America.


Task 3 – Create a front cover for our next topic – Hola Mexico. You may choose to research Mexico using the following websites:

History (1 hour) 

Tell an adult at home what you have learned so far about WW2.


What changes were made to Britain during WW2?


- complete the WW2 crossword puzzle 

- compare life as a child in WW2 to your life in the present day.


Here are some websites to help: 

PE – Complete at least one of the activities provided.  (daily 20mins)


Over the weekend, please check the Easter projects page in ‘Distance Learning’.


Again –for homework -  think in your home about how you can ‘go the extra mile’ to pay forward some kindness.  Do something unexpected and thoughtful for your loved ones. J