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L.O. To identify and use OS map symbols

 Wish 1 – I understand the importance of maps

Wish 2 – I can identify different types of maps and their use

Wish 3 – I can recognise and use symbols on OS maps.

Wish 4 – I can create my own OS map, with symbols, using an aerial photograph  Click the link, and press ‘Play’. Click the buttons on the side to see and read about different types of maps.


Look at the image of an OS map. An ordinance survey maps are leisure maps. They are mainly by people who are doing activities such as walking.

They show many features such as the height of the land using contour lines (orange lines), main roads, and key attractions using symbols.


Take a look at the symbols that may be found on an OS map.


Task 1 - Using the OS map with the red arrow, identify the 11 symbols.

Task 2 - Now take a look at the aerial photograph of the Park Hall estate.

Create your own OS map (look at the example given). Ensure you use the correct symbols for the features identified.