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Half-term homework

Year 5 Half-term Homework



Our focus for spelling has been words with silent letters. Continue to practise any of the words that you did not spell correctly when tested. Our next focus is homophones and near homophones.  A homophone is a word that sounds the same as another word but its spelling or meaning is different. You can find a list of the words we will focus on after the half-term break in the spelling document.

You can also continue to practise spelling the words from the Year 5/6 word list. This can be found on our website – Class pages – Year 5 – Homework – Year 5-6 spelling list.



Read the final chapter of Beetle Boy. Then we would like you to choose a book to read over the holiday. You could choose an audio book to listen to. Remember that on our Distance Learning page we have a link to Audible Stories which has some lovely stories that you can listen to and enjoy. You also have a log in for Oxford Owl. Try to read for at least ten minutes every day and if you can, discuss what you have read with someone at home. Tell them about the setting, the characters, your favourite character, your favourite part of the story or what you think will happen next. When you have read the book, you could send your teacher a message on I am Learning to tell them which book you read. You could also log onto our Reading Cloud and write a book review. You can find instructions about how to do this on our Year 5 Distance Learning page – Reading Cloud.


Optional tasks

Below are some optional tasks that you might like to choose from.


Optional Writing Competition

The National Book Tokens and Puffin Big Dreamers Writing Competition

If you would like to take part in this, visit our Year 5 Distance Learning page and select Writing Competition for more details. The deadline is 28th May 2020.  


English - Mini-beast comparison

Mini-beasts are ‘small creatures’, like worms, snails, insects and spiders. Choose two mini-beasts to compare. Complete some research about them and then compare the two. You can choose how you might like to do this – for example an information text with writing and pictures/images or a written comparison of the similarities and differences. Remember to focus on comparing the two creatures.

Geography - On a world map, locate the world’s deadliest mini-beast’s.


Art - Choose a mini-beast to sketch and shade. You could choose one from the image below.

Keep active – Remember that we have some daily challenges that you can do. You can find them on our website -


Have a lovely week smiley