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LO: To describe position on a 2D grid as coordinates.


Pencil, ruler, green pen, Maths book.


First, complete the times table quiz and record the score in your exercise book.

Then, ‘Close Quiz’ and scroll up to the top of the page then click ‘Next Activity’.


Watch the video, the teacher will explain when to pause to complete an activity. Remember worksheets can be seen on the ‘Slides’ page.

Magic Maths – The speed of the Earth Spin.


To start (Slide 2): How many lines of symmetry each shape has got then mark in green pen.


Moving on (Slide 3): Work out the missing co-ordinates. Remember, the alien needs to have X and Y coordinate.


Main task (Slide 5-8): Create your grid, then draw on quadrilaterals.  Write down the coordinates. Make sure each of your vertices (corners) are places where the lines cross on your page) Then mark in green.


Challenge Slide:  Can you find and explain the mistakes?


When you have completed this task stop the video and click ‘Next Activity’ and take the exit quiz by pressing ‘Start Quiz’. Complete the quiz and record your score in your Maths book .