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LO: To describe movements using translations.


Pencil, ruler, green pen, Maths book.



First, complete the knowledge quiz about weight and record the score in your exercise book.

Then, ‘Close Quiz’ and scroll up to the top of the page then click ‘Next Activity’.

Remember to mark all work in green pen.


Watch the video, the teacher will explain when to pause to complete an activity. Remember worksheets can be seen on the ‘Slides’ page.

Maths Riddle – What number is the car parked in?


To Start (Slide 2): Try to work out of the value of each symbol using the information you have been given. Listen carefully to how the values can be calculated.

Now listen to the explanation of translation.

Moving on (Slide 3): Write down the translations for each of the points. Mark in green pen.


Main Tasks (Slides 4-6): Complete the table by using the points on each grid, translate each point (2,3) then write the final coordinate. Now mark in green pen.


Challenge (Slide 7): Work out the translation, remember some will need negative numbers.


No Quiz today, but we want you to talk to someone at home about what you have done today. Wow them with your knowledge!

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