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L.O. To explore the diagonals of different quadrilaterals.


Pencil, ruler, green pen, Maths book.


Diagonal – straight line segment that joins one vertex to another.  

Vertex/vertices – the point where two lines meet

Right angle – an angle of exactly 90˚ corresponding to a quarter turn

Perpendicular lines – a pair of lines that meet at a right angle


First, complete the knowledge quiz. Record your score in your Maths book.

Click ‘Next Activity’ and watch the video. The teacher will talk you through diagonals in shapes. Write the definition of a diagonal in your book.


Pause the video when the teacher tells you to and complete the task. Remember to use a pencil and a ruler to draw shapes and diagonals. When describing shapes/diagonals, use the key vocabulary on the screen and any other mathematical language we have discussed. Resume the video and mark your answers in green pen.



Independent task -  Use a pencil and ruler to draw the shape and the diagonals. You could trace the shape on the screen.

For Q2 – be specific about the shapes that you see. To view the tasks on a larger screen, pause and close the video, click next activity and scroll through the slides. After completing the independent tasks, resume watching the video and mark your answers in green pen.


Click ‘Next Activity’ and complete the ‘Final Quiz’. Record your score in your Maths book.


Further Challenge:

If you feel confident with the learning in today’s lesson, you may wish to look at the Year 6 lesson linked to this topic. It is important that you first complete the Year 5 lesson above before completing this challenge.
If you complete this, put a subheading under your Y5 Oak work of ‘Y6 Challenge’. You do not need to write a separate date and LO.
To access this, click on the link below.