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LO: To develop strategies to plan and solve problems


Pencil, ruler, green pen, Maths book.


First, complete the times table quiz and record the score in your exercise book.

Then, ‘Close Quiz’ and scroll up to the top of the page then click ‘Next Activity’.


Watch the video, the teacher will explain when to pause to complete an activity. Remember worksheets can be seen on the ‘Slides’ page.


Riddle me this… follow along.


To start (Slide 2): Work out the answer to each of the calculations. Partitioning could help you.


Moving on (Slide 3): blocky dogs.

Can you work out how may blocks would be needed to make the first 6 dogs in the sequence? What is the rule? Explain.


Main task (Slide 4): Can you work out how many blocks would be needed to make the next 8 dogs in the sequence? Set it out like the table on the slide.


Challenge (Slide 5): How many cubes for dog 100? Use the formula to help you work it out.


When you have completed this task stop the video and click ‘Next Activity’ and take the exit quiz by pressing ‘Start Quiz’. Complete the quiz and record your score in your Maths book .