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L.O. To round numbers (M2)

WISH 1: understood place value.

WISH 2: rounded numbers accurately.

WISH 3: solved word problems involving rounding.


FFM: Fluent in 4s PPT. Answer 8 arithmetic style questions in 5 minutes.


Remember the rule for rounding is 5 or more we round up. 4 or less we round down.


When rounding numbers, we should focus on the place value of digits.


When rounding to the nearest 10 focus on the tens and ones. When rounding to the nearest 100 focus on the tens digit. To round to the nearest thousand, we look at the last three digits. If these digits are 500 or greater, then we round the thousands digit up, and if they are less than 500, then we round down, keeping the thousand's digit the same.


Example: 5376 rounded to the nearest 10, 100, 1000 and 10,000

10 = 5380   100 = 5400   1000 = 5000   10,000 = 10,000


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