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L.O. To round decimal numbers (M2)

WISH 1 – I can identify decimal numbers on a number line.

WISH 2 - I can round whole and decimal numbers.

WISH 3 – I can investigate rounding decimal numbers.


FFM: Fluent in 4s PPT. Answer 8 arithmetic style questions in 5 minutes.


235.6 is smaller than 235.9, I know this because 9 tenths are bigger than 6 tenths.


Remember the rule for rounding is 5 or more we round up. 4 or less we round down.


23.8 rounded to the nearest whole number.

It can round to 23 or 24. 8 tenths is ‘5 or more’ so I round up. 23.8 rounded to the nearest whole number is 24.

45.87 rounded to the nearest tenth.

8 tenths can round to 8 or 9 tenths. 7 is more than 5 so I round up. 45.87 to the nearest tenth is 45.9


Main – Round the given numbers to whole, 1dp (tenths) and 2dp (hundredths) and Solve worded problems involving rounding decimal numbers.