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Please complete in your Maths books. As we normally have two lessons of Maths on a Friday you will find two lessons below (1 hour each).


Session 1

L.O. To understand prime numbers (M9).

WISH 1: I can identify prime numbers up to 50.

WISH 2:  I can identify prime numbers up to 100. 

WISH 3: I can make and test general statements.

Follow the PDF. You may choose to print out a 100-sqaure or use an online version (link found on the PDF). Please answer test questions into your books, showing your working out or explanations clearly when necessary.




Session 2

Long multiplication

L.O. To use long multiplication (M5,12). 

WISH 1: I can use long multiplication with support.

WISH 2: I can use long multiplication with confidence.

WISH 3: I can solve word problems related to long multiplication.

Follow the video. Pause when necessary to answer the questions/complete tasks on the slide. All work should be done in Maths books following our school calculation policy – remember to leave two extra squares to carry. Do not forget to draw a 2 square margin and put 1 digit in each box.

Underneath the video you will see the Further Challenge and a Long Multiplication guide to help you multiply 3 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers that are over 20. 

Long Multiplication

Still image for this video