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LO: To solve money problems


Pencil, ruler, green pen, Maths book, (optional- a selection of coins)



First, complete the knowledge quiz and record the score in your exercise book.

Then, ‘Close Quiz’ and scroll up to the top of the page then click ‘Next Activity’.


Watch the video, the teacher will explain when to pause to complete an activity. Remember worksheets can be seen on the ‘Slides’ page.


Remember to mark all work in green pen.


To Start- Complete the addition calculations, listen to the advice of the teacher, remember to put each digit in the correct column and use column addition. Then, mark your answers.

Moving on- What different amounts can you make including the largest and smallest? Remember you can only use the coins that are actually there. Use a table if you would like to help organise your ideas.

Then, by looking at the fruits, can you work out what each row would cost? You may be able to use multiplication as well as addition for some questions.

Main Task Your task today (Slide 3/4): In your book, work out what she could have bought in order to spend £6.35. Draw a table in your book so that you can do it in a systematic way. Listen to the help that Mr Critchlow gives you.

Challenge Task (Slide 5): This is an optional task. You can complete it or listen to Mr Critchlow talk about how to solve the problem.


When you have completed this task stop the video and click ‘Next Activity’ and take the exit quiz by pressing ‘Start Quiz’. Complete the quiz and record your score in your Maths book and send your English and Maths score to your class teacher when you send your ‘Good Morning’ message on I Am Learning tomorrow.


Arithmetic Please complete the Spring 2 Arithmetic Test that is in your pack. You have until Thursday to do this and answers will be available on Thursday 4th June so you can mark.

This work has been set as part of today's Oak Maths lesson. This test was included in your distance learning pack. You should give yourself no more than 30 minutes to complete this test. Remember to do any working out that you need to help you get an accurate answer.