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Maths activities


Ask an adult if you can get involved with the cooking/baking. Help weigh the items to practise reading scales or discussing how you would convert that to another unit of measure. 


Gather some items. Predict the weight of each item then check by weighing them using the scales. Then try ordering the items according to their weights.


Fractions, decimals, percentages

Create question cards to ask someone at home. For example - Would you prefer to have 1/4 of £100 or 50% of £75. Why?


Guess the number

Create your own version of Guess Who but rather than pictures of characters use number cards. Play the game with someone at home asking questions and recalling number facts to describe the number.


Total Cost 

Find the menu for your favourite restaurant. Ask everyone in your family to choose a main meal and find the total cost. Challenge yourself by asking someone at home to give you a budget to work to. Can you choose everyone a meal within the budget?