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Maths Lesson





LO: to solve problems involving capacity and volume.


(including exercise book being used) Pencil, ruler, green pen, Maths book,



Write the Date and LO in your book.


First, complete the introductory quiz. This is to show what you already know so don’t worry if you find some questions tricky. Record your score in your Maths book.

Then, ‘Close Quiz’ and scroll up to the top of the page then click ‘Next Activity’.


Watch the video, the teacher will explain when to pause to complete an activity. We are not using the worksheets referred to. They look exactly the same as the activities you see on the video and slides so don’t worry about not having them.

Complete all work (including warm ups) in your Maths book under your Date and LO, not on a sheet of paper. You can reply to the teacher out loud just like a real lesson! When it says ‘Your turn’ pause the video and write your answer in your book then mark in green pen when the teacher tells you the answer (you can pause the video if you need more time).


Complete the warm up activity in your book. Don’t forget to mark it in green pen.

Remember to read the questions carefully and listen to the teacher so you know exactly what to do.


Write the sub heading Key vocabulary in your book. Underneath the subheading write down the ‘star words’ you may need to pause the video.


Main Activity- Listen to the explanation and then pause and close the video when instructed. Scroll up to the top of the page and click ‘Next Activity’. Complete Part A, B and C. Read the questions carefully so you know what the question wants you to do. It may be addition or subtraction.


Then, resume the video to mark your answers in green pen.


Then, click ‘Next Activity’ to view ‘Start Quiz’. Complete the exit quiz and record your score in your Maths book.


Maths Challenge

If you feel confident with the learning in today’s lesson, you may wish to look at the Year 4 lesson linked to this topic. It is important that you first complete the Year 3 lesson above before completing this challenge.
If you complete this, put a subheading under your Y3 Oak work of ‘Y4 Challenge’. You do not need to write a separate date and LO.
To access this, click on the link below:

The section that links to our learning this week is ‘Solving Measures and Money Problems’. 


If you completed some of these lessons this week/last week, try...

Lesson 4 - capacity and mass

Lesson 5 - solving measures problems

Lesson 6 - time