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Miss Miller, Miss Deakin and Mrs Willis' groups

L.O. To solve addition and subtraction questions


Write the questions into your books, show your workings out and make sure your final answer is clear to see. 


KS2 Math Reasoning SATS Question Book P11-14  (see below)

  • Q7 - Write the missing numbers.
  • Q8 - Circle two numbers that add up to 10,000 and have a difference of 2640
  • Q9 - The table shows the number of phones a shop sells each month. The shops target is to sell 4,200 phones by April 30th. How many phones do they need to sell?


Abacus Year 6 Textbook 3 P18 + Think  (see below) 

Abacus Maths Textbook 3 p.18

KS2 Math Reasoning SATS Question Book P11-14