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PLEASE NOTE: we have now added a suggested timetable onto the our distance learning page  for you to follow if it helps you to organise your day. You do not have to follow these times - talk to an adult at home to help you decide what would work for you and your family. 

We have also added a guideline to show the maximum amount of time your teachers believe should be spent on each activity before you stop to have a break or move onto something new!  

Remember, your first task is to message your class teacher on I Am Learning before 10 am. 

At some point during the day, have a look at this week's topic on Votes 4 School. You can find this on 'Class Pages'. 



Read CH6 I Was There  - Look up any vocabulary you do not know in a dictionary as you read.


Reading Comprehension

Using your Y4 Reading CGP book, read ONLY Pg 10- Look up any words you do not know and annotate on the meanings. Do not answer the questions today.


Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling  

Starter: Watch then read

Task: Log onto I am learning and complete Speech punctuation . Remember story books are also a good way to look at and discuss speech punctuation



Complete sheet 11 and 12 on the sheet using blue pen.



Mark page 12 and 13 CGP (Completed last Friday) answers are below 

Starter: Log onto My Maths and review time by completing Time 2. If you are not confident with time, please ask someone at home to practise with you daily. 

Task: In your learning pack, you should be able to find a booklet of arithmetic papers. Complete Arithmetic Spring 1 Test – give yourself 20-30 minutes and do not use a calculator.

Multiplication - Times Tables Rockstars : Complete 3 x garage, 3 x studio



In Science recently, we have been learning about the water cycle. Watch the video on the website below to recap your learning:

In your beige notebook, choose one of the following activities to ensure you are confident with the different stages in the water cycle: 

1) Draw a diagram of the cycle including labels with key words from the website above 

2) Write a poem, rap or song which includes the key elements of the water cycle including the key words on the website above. If you are writing a song, choose a melody you already know to help but change the lyrics e.g. a nursery rhyme. 

3) Create a quiz on the water cycle which you could give to someone in Y4 to test their knowledge. Don't forget to make an answer sheet! 


PE –  Choose an activity  off the website


Other- Log onto Reading Cloud (via our school website) and borrow an e-book. The instructions are on the website if you aren’t sure how to do this. Read some of this book each day. Write a book review on reading cloud when you have finished.