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English: (2 hours - broken into 1 hour 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon on the timetable)

We are going to be working based on the book ‘Call of the Wild’ by Jack London – you should all have received a copy of this in your learning packs.

If you don’t have a copy, please let Miss Deakin know on iamLearning by the end of the day. 


Today, we will be researching some of the background history to the book: The Klondike Gold rush of the 1890s.


Find out:

- where it is

- what happened

- why people were encouraged to go there

- what hardships they faced

- any other interesting details


These websites should be helpful to you:

Tomorrow, you will be using this research to create a piece of non-fiction writing on the topic.

French: (30 minutes)

Tasks on IamLearning– Our School, Creating a cafe


Music: (1 hour)

L.O. To listen to music from the 1900s (Mu 2,3,4)


Cold listen to ‘Holst- Mars (1914)

In your homework book, make notes about your first impression. How does the music make you feel? What does the music make you think of? Does the music tell a story? What can you hear? How old do you think the piece of music is?  Why do you think that?


Information: This piece of music was written by Gustav Holst in anticipation of the outbreak World War One and performed immediately after the war in 1918. Who is Gustav Holst? What period of music does his work belong to? What pieces of music are well known?


Using a piece of paper, split it in 2. Play the music again and draw (on one side of the paper) whatever the music makes you think of it could be a setting, an activity, certain shapes etc.


Think about the emotions you feel. Do you feel happy or sad? Angry or calm? If you were watching a film, what would happen on the screen while you heard this music.


PE (20 minutes): Please pick at least one activity from the PE folder


Reading (20 minutes): Read a book for enjoyment.