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Good morning Year 6!

(and Happy Star Wars day! )


Please remember to message your teacher as close to 9am as you can - using iAmLearning. Please think back to the instructions given on Friday about how to share your quiz results please.  Also - make sure you tell your class teacher your scores (not your Maths teacher). 


Also - any fantastic work you produce, take a picture and send it in to school using the email on the website. There is now a folder called 'Celebrating our work' - we will add any of your pictures to it. 


We are all here if you need any help though. smiley

French: (30 minutes) IamLearning – On y va- All Aboard


Music:  (1 hour)

L.O. To explore how the musical traditions of neighbouring countries can influence each other


Linking to our new topic of ‘Hola Mexico’, we are going to be look at some Mexican music and comparing the songs.


Please listen to these three Mexican songs:

Which song do you think is the odd one out and why. Write down your answer and reason into your homework book. Think about the instruments used and mood is creating.


Mexico shares a border with the USA so the music of both has crossed over and influenced the other culture. Can pupils think of another style of music that has been influenced by the music of another culture?


Research what instruments are used in Mariachi (Mexican) music? Write these into your homework books. Use this website to help you:

PE (20 minutes): choose one of the videos in the PE resources folder. 


Reading (20 minutes): Continue reading for pleasure.  You may want to have a look at the 'First News' folder in the 'Class Pages' Page (before you click on 'Year 6'.