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Please do not begin this work until Monday 18th May 2020


Remember, your first job every day is to send a 'Good Morning' message to your class teacher on I Am Learning by 10 am. Remember to include your scores from the end of lesson English quiz and end of lesson Maths quiz.


If you run out of space in any exercise books (orange Maths or yellow English book), please ask an adult to contact the office to arrange to pick up a new one.


PE with Joe Wicks (30 minutes)


Optional PE: complete a daily challenge

Spelling (20 minutes) –

New words –

knot, answer, thumb, thistle, ghost, debris, doubt, rhinoceros, symbol, system


Look up the definitions of any words that you are not familiar with. You could record them in a notebook or on paper. Then practise spelling the words (write, write, cover and write, cover and write, check). Continue to practise any you do not spell correctly.


Arithmetic (10minutes)

Complete the task on I am Learning ‘Ordering decimals’. Watch the video lesson before you complete the task.


Reading (20 minutes)

Read chapter 17 of Beetle Boy. Do you think the group will be victorious? Discuss your predictions.


Science (1 1/2 hours)

Resources: squared paper (this will make it easier to draw your line graph), pen, pencil, ruler.

Resources for the experiment: a torch or an appropriate light source, a small object such as a ball, clear wall (to form the shadow), a metre ruler/ tape measurer (marked in cm).


Firstly, please write your date and LO on squared paper.

LO: to explain how moving an object changes the size of its shadow.


In this lesson, you are going to conduct an experiment to answer this scientific question: How does changing the distance between the light source and the object affect the size of the objects shadow?


Please write this question on your squared paper after the date and LO.


Read the sheet called ‘Investigating shadows.’






Task 1: Copy the section ‘Fair testing’ on your piece of paper from the sheet and fill in the blanks.

Then, set up your experiment (see sheet for the method). BEFORE starting your experiment, please draw the table on page 2 and write your prediction.


Task 2: Once you have finished your experiment, record your results on the table.


Task 3: If you have access to a printer, you can print the line graph but otherwise please draw this on your squared paper (see page 2 on the sheet for an example). Record your results from the table.


Task 4: read the questions on page 2 under ‘Results’ and answer these in your head.


Was your experiment accurate?

Shadows can change their size. As light moves towards the object, the shadow becomes larger. As light moves away from the object, the shadow becomes smaller. 

On the left, the bunny is far away from the light so its shadow is small. On the right, the bunny is close to the light so its shadow is large.


This interactive website lets you experiment with shadows:


Watch this video to see how shadows change:



Votes for schools (20 minutes)

See this information on the class pages. Discuss your thoughts with your family.