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Good Morning Year 6. We hope you had a fantastic half term break and enjoyed plenty of sunshine! Let us know via IamLearning of all the fun things you have got up to. 


Remember, your first job everyday is to send a 'Good Morning'  message to your class teacher on I Am Learning by 10 am.


Don't forget to include your scores from Friday's Maths and English end of lesson quizzes and your spelling test results!


If you run out of space in any exercise books (orange Maths or orange homework book), please ask an adult to contact the office to arrange to pick up a new one.

Music (1 hour):

L.O. To listen to music from the 1900s (Mu 2,3,4)


Cold listen to ‘A Short Ride In A Fast Machine' (1986)


In your homework book, make notes about your first impression. How does the music make you feel? What does the music make you think of? Does the music tell a story? What can you hear? How old do you think the piece of music is?  Why do you think that? 


Using a piece of paper, split it in 2. Play the music again and draw (on one side of the paper) whatever the music makes you think of it could be a setting, an activity, certain shapes etc.


Think about the emotions you feel. Do you feel happy or sad? Angry or calm? If you were watching a film, what would happen on the screen while you heard this music.

PSHE (1 hour) 

Please follow the PowerPoint below then complete the task 

PE (20 minutes)

Pick an activity from the PE folder or follow Joe Wicks workout at 9am!