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LO: To discuss shape poetry (R3 + 10).

WISH 1: I can read shape poems.

WISH 2: I understand how poems can be written in shapes.

WISH 3: I can analyse the effects of shape poetry.


Handwriting (5mins)

Small letters 35 (x z) 


Reading – See slides

Read The Allivator 

Look at the layout and discuss shape poetry.


Activity: Look at other Roger McGough poems in the Literacy Evolve book.

Can they identify the other shape poems?  (Downhill Racer and Uphill Climb) Read them, discuss them and explain their shape.

Write in their books why shape poems can be effective.

Comment on how you read them (from bottom to top or left to right/right to left) and add to the meaning as well as making them look more interesting in books by combining them with a picture.


Challenge – Copy out their favourite one in the same style as Roger McGough on paper and if finished, stick it in and explain why it was their favourite.

Go through the ppt. on the website linked below or see the paper version.

Work through each slide, completing any tasks in your books.

If there is a question, you may want to answer it in your head, answer it aloud or tell an adult who may be working with you. The answer(s) will then always be on the next slide.




Textbook work page 28 – this will be emailed to you.