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I Am Learning 

Remember to first of all message your teacher to say you are up and learning! 

Today there are English and French activities. 


Reading for Pleasure

Please either read one of the books sent home from school or borrow an e-book on the Reading Cloud or on Oxford Owl.  You should be reading for a minimum of 20 minutes every day.  

Please turn your Orange book upside down and to the back – this side of the book will be your reading journal – make notes about what you have read, collect interesting vocabulary, or questions you may have about the book.


Reading comprehension

KS2 Comprehension Targeted Question Book – please complete ‘Born on a Blue Day’ and ‘Hostages to Handheld Devices’. 



Please follow the hyperlink below!

- Watch the video all the way through to begin with.

- Re-watch the video, make notes on what happens (Can be bullet points, or could be a story-board depending on what suits you best).

- As you go through, collect words, phrases or ideas that jump into your head that would help to describe the setting, characters or actions.

- Answer the questions in the ‘Questions to Ask’ section, including those about the main character. There are no right or wrong answers, so you may want to jot down lots of ideas.

- Tomorrow, you will begin writing a story based on this video, so these notes and jottings will be the start of your plan. Get thinking about where you may go with your story.


-Please complete KS2 SAT Buster 10 minute test book:  Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Set C Test 2

- Then look in the  KS2 Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling workbook.  Complete p.52-55 'Apostrophes' in your Orange book. 


French – Please complete the  I Am Learning tasks. 


Music – Research and create a fact file about the classical period and famous composers. Your fact file must include:

  • What was the classical period?
  • When was the classical period?
  • What instruments were used in the classical period?
  • Features of the classical period and how these were different from the romantic period.
  • Composers from that period and famous pieces of music


Please use these websites to help:

Look at the PE folder in 'Other Activities' and make sure you get some exercise for at least 20 minutes a day!