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Monday Extra Support - Maths

L.O: To subtract by counting up (M7b/M7c)

Wish 1: I can identify the next multiple of 10.

Wish 2: I can hop to next 10 then on.

Wish 3: I can subtract two 2-digit numbers.


Starter task: 

Children are to write the numbers in the book and next to them they are to write the next multiple of 10

e.g. 45 – 50,  123 – 130


43 –






Explain to children that today they will solve subtractions.

Explain that ‘frog’ (an imaginary frog) help us work out the difference between two numbers. He will help us to subtract a smaller number from a larger number!

What are frogs really good at? Jumping! Maths Frog will subtract by jumping!


Look at the images below to demonstrate how to work out 43 - 36 = 


 Now 63 – 58 =.
Now 165 – 156 =.


Subtract by counting up textbook sheet.

Complete page Y3 TB1 p46.


At the top of the page it says 'Grab a bead string' - You do not need to use this.


Use the method shown above to complete the subtractions using Frog Method.